Live a happier life

Sleep better

Many who suffer from depression have disrupted sleep patterns.  Ketamine can improve your depression thereby improving your sleep.  Finally get the rest you need.

Be more active

Have you felt tired, unmotivated, and detached from life and your family or friends?  This is very common in depression, anxiety and in chronic pain syndromes.  Ketamine can help you to reconnect a more productive life.

Have hope

Many of us who suffer from depression have lost all hope that we will ever feel better.  The treatment results for Ketamine have been nothing short of amazing.  People have regained their hope for the future and have found the ability to move forward in their lives.

Decrease anxiety

Do you suffer from PTSD?  Generalized anxiety disorder?  Is your life filled with worry and panic?  If so, take a look at the research for for Ketamine and anxiety disorders.  You can live without constant anxiety.

Regulate your eating

Sometimes when we're depressed, anxious, or in pain we either don't eat or overeat.  We all react differently to emotional challenges.  Ketamine can help to not only regulate your mood and decrease your pain but in doing so can help to stabilize your eating patterns.

Decrease pain

Do you suffer from CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome), peripheral neuropathy, migraines, fibromyalgia or other chronic pain syndromes that haven't been adequately addressed by other treatments?  Ketamine has been shown to improve the quality of life in those suffering with chronic pain.  

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